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Cabbagetown, an area initially established after the Irish immigrants settled into the neighbourhood in the 1840’s. The story is, residents were extremely less fortunate and as a result, most families relied on their individual growth of cabbage, which was typically grown on their front lawns.

The gentrification of Cabbagetown started to take place in the 1970’s, by wealthy professionals. Since then, the area has continued to develop on an upward slope and is one of Toronto’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. The neighbourhood is known for it’s beautifully kept and well preserved Victorian homes and is recognized today as “the largest continuous area of preserved Victorian housing in all or North America.”
Today, Cabbagetown is quite popular with a strongly rooted community, proud of it’s heritage and history. The neighbourhood hosts a handful of festivals and street fairs as well as a historical tour, allowing visitors an inside look at some of the communities heritage estates and properties.


Freehold Statistics

  2017 Q2 2017 Q3
Average Price $1, 398, 877 $1, 282, 071
PRICE: Low-High $900, 000 - $2, 525, 000 $753, 000 - 1, 795, 000
Number of Sales 27 16

Condo Statistics 

  2017 Q2 2017 Q3
Average Price $531, 133 $534, 052
PRICE: Low-High $263, 000 - $872, 500 $276, 000 - 855, 000
Number of Sales 67 52
First Name