Welcome to Moss/regent Park 

The Regent and Moss Park areas were home to one of Toronto’s most historic slum districts in the early 1900s. Most residents of the area were poor and working-class people of British descent. In the 1960's, a large swath of these buildings were demolished to make way for the Regent and Moss Park public housing initiatives, which ended up being a very short term solution. 

Today this area is now one of the fastest rehabilitating areas in the city. In recent years, the Moss Park area has seen rapid gentrification. Former industrial structures such as the Merchandise Building and factories of the Distillery District have become trendy lofts and fashionable shopping areas. The row houses of Berkley and the district just North of Dundas in lower Cabbagetown have been influenced greatly by this revitalization and are now in great demand.

Regent Park is beginning to see the physical and social shift towards a well-kept, functioning, mixed-use neighbourhood. The condo development continues to progress along with along with new stores, athletic centres and whole new infrastructure. 

All in all, with close proximity to downtown Toronto this is a great area to live and invest in.



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Freehold Statistics

  2017 Q2 2017 Q3
Average Price $1, 050, 111 $963, 000
PRICE: Low-High $490, 000 - $1, 480, 000 $650, 000 - 1, 150, 000
Number of Sales 9 5

Condo Statistics

  2017 Q2 2017 Q3
Average Price $539, 611 $
PRICE: Low-High $289, 200 - $968, 000 $0
Number of Sales 97 0
First Name