In an attempt to rank the globe’s “Coolest Neighbourhoods”, Vogue recently named Toronto’s own, Queen Street West, number two. The iconic magazine identified Queen West as the “Creative Heart” of the city and rightfully so. 

Formerly referred to as Lot Street, Queen Street was renamed in 1837 in honour of Queen Victoria. It actually served as the initial guideline for Toronto’s geological East-West directional grid pattern. Over the years, Queen Street West has evolved drastically, becoming one of the cities major landmarks and highly celebrated entertainment, fashion and artistic districts, attracting locals and tourist alike.

Undeniable in its tasteful nature, Queen West is home to hundreds of internationally praised and locally renowned establishments. Their character has proven instrumental in shaping and defining our cities eclectic nature and unparalleled charm. Vintage Boutiques, monumental attractions and a never ending list of places to check out, keep this hood on the map, as it only seems to ripen with age and continues to define itself as one of Toronto’s coolest neighbourhoods. 



Freehold Statistics 

  2017 Q2 2017 Q3
Average Price $1, 332, 614 $1, 122, 219
PRICE: Low-High $766, 000 - $2, 350, 000 $684, 000 - 1, 700, 000
Number of Sales 45 26

Condo Statistics

  2017 Q2 2017 Q3
Average Price $670, 865 $603, 670
PRICE: Low-High $295, 000 - $2, 699, 000 $332, 000 - 1, 600, 000
Numbe of Sales 183 126
First Name